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new words issue two - a trans and gender expansive poetry journal.


issue two contributors

Thank you to all our talented contributors. Issue two is a huge success. Support these trans writers and nw{p}. Follow them and buy a copy of issue one. 

Jory Mickelson

Jory Mickelson

is a queer nonbinary writer. Their first book, WILDERNESS//KINGDOM, is the inaugural winner of the Evergreen Award Tour from Floating Bridge Press and winner of the 2020 High Plains Book Award in Poetry. Their publications include Court Green, Poetry Northwest, DIAGRAM, Jubilat,, and The Rumpus.


Avi Ben-Zeev

Avi Ben-Zeev

is a gay trans man, high school failure, and Yale Ph.D. His story, Angel, won the 2023 UK’s Transgender Short Story Prize, and his anthology Trans Homo … Gasp! was a Lambda Award Finalist. Avi lived in the Middle East, Milan, and San Francisco and calls London home.  

Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson

is the owner of Tending Verses, LLC, a poetry commissions and developmental editing business. They are the author of the poetry collection From the Yellow House and On. They can be found on Instagram @tendingverses or on their website at  

Forest Cody - Poet

Forest Cody

has a degree in cultural anthropology and comparative literature, and works as a cook in Saint Louis. Their work has been published by Lavender Review, Jelly Bucket, The Main Street Rag, 300 Days of Sun, Red Noise Collective and more.


Skylar Miklus

Skylar Miklus

is a poet living in Durham, NH. They obtained their B.A. in Philosophy from Dartmouth College and are pursuing their MFA-Poetry at the University of New Hampshire. Their poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Defunct Magazine, Assignment Literary Magazine, Rogue Agent Journal, Scavengers Literary Magazine, and elsewhere. You can find their work at

JH Grimes

is a trans poet and writer. Their work appears or is forthcoming in Devastation Baby, Spires Magazine, REMAKE, and others. They are the recipient of a 2022 Academy of American Poets Prize, the Norma Lowry Memorial Prize for Poetry, and the Roger Conant Hatch Prize for Lyric Poetry. 

Rose Jenny - poet

Rose Jenny

is a trans writer/performer based in Florida. Her work has been published in Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly, The Athena Review, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and Thread Literary Inquiry. She is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at University of Miami.

Poet, Delaney Isaacs

Delaney Isaacs

is a trans female poet from Ohio. She writes about love, queerness, mental illness, trauma, addiction, all the cliche things for a poet to write about. She/They @VHS2D1G1T4L  

Poet, Rowan Beckett

Rowan Beckett

(they/them) is a disabled, award-winning poet and editor who has been featured in: A New Resonance 12, Haiku 2021, as a presenter for Haiku North America (2019, 2021), and co-judge for the HSA Brady Senryu Contest (2022).

Poet, Iris Newell

Iris Newell

is a trans writer and educator living on the lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Anishinabek. She writes to challenge ideas of gender and sexuality, to express the struggles of dysphoria, and to continuously unravel her own femininity.

Poet, Grabriel Noel

Gabriel Noel

was previously featured in new words’ first issue! 

Dion Farquhar

has poems in Black Fox Review, Non-Binary Review, Superpresent, Blind Field, Poesis, Mortar, moria, Shifter, BlazeVOX, etc. Her third poetry book is with Finishing Line. She works as an exploited adjunct, but still learning from her students, and active in the University of California Santa Cruz adjunct union. 

Anastasia Walker, Poet

Anastasia Walker

Maine native Anastasia Walker is a poet, essayist, and scholar living in Pittsburgh. Her first book of poetry, The Girl Who Wasn’t and Is, appeared in 2022. She’s a passionate amateur photographer and musicologist, and a lover of long walks and swimming in the ocean.  

a f carbajal

a f carbajala

(they/them) is an enby writer and lecturer from Spain living in the North of England. Their short fiction and poems have appeared in a number of queer and straight places. They live with their son, 3 cats, a whippet, and a number of dying plants.

Poet, Ali Owens

Ali Owens

is fat, white, queer, non-binary, disabled, and ever-evolving. Writing is the one thing they have done consistently throughout their life, ravenously and with reckless abandon. They work in LGBTQ advocacy and cherish authenticity, joy, and beloved community.

Poet, Izi Peng

Izi Peng

is a transmasc and neurodivergent poet and artist from Old Bridge, NJ. He is currently pursuing a BA in psychology at Wesleyan University. You can find more of his work on Instagram @izipengart and Tumblr @gldgod.


Anna Quercia-Thomas

(she/they) is a queer Hispanic American writer, theatre-maker, and PhD candidate living in Western Australia. She writes speculative and literary fiction about found family, queer romance, and connection in dark times.

Poet, Shaawan Francis-Keahna

Shaawan Francis Keahna 

is a reluctant poet, transient collage artist, and independent scholar born and raised in the Midwest. His first chapbook of poems, Mayday, was published by Bottlecap Press in June, 2023. Keahna is an enrolled member of the White Earth band of Ojibwe and a Meskwaki descendant.


Shane Chase

grew up in South Florida and now lives and works in London, UK. He is interested in poetry as an attempt at asking unending questions in language capacious enough to hold many voices all at once. He received his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster.  

Poet, Remy Chartier

Remy Chartier

is a queer/trans author, hailing from New Hampshire. For two years, they taught a class on transformative fiction as genre at San Francisco State University. Above all else, they identify as a teller of stories. Their work can be found in The Ana, Decoded Pride, or at  

Poet, Ezra Mars

Ezra Mars

is an Appalachian poet residing in West Virginia. Instagram: @rodeoreaper


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Poet, Gretchen Rockwell

Gretchen Rockwell

is a queer poet whose work has appeared in AGNI, Cotton Xenomorph, Palette Poetry, Whale Road Review, and elsewhere; xe has two chapbooks. Gretchen enjoys writing about gender, science, space, and unusual connections. Find xer on Instagram at @daft_rockwell or at


Poet, Liam Strong

Liam Strong

(they/them) is a queer neurodivergent straight-edge punk writer who earned their B.A. in writing from University of Wisconsin-Superior. They’re the author of the chapbook Everyone’s Left the Hometown Show (Bottlecap Press, 2023). They are most likely gardening somewhere in Northern Michigan.


Poet, E G Harcourt

EG Harcourt

is an artist who uses words and images to explore and construct his identity as an Asian trans man. Most of his work includes themes of religion, cultural identity, and social alienation.


Naomi Oppenheim

(they/them) is a queer and trans-nobinary artist, survivor, and recovering perfectionist. They live in Southern California (land of the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples), where they can be found working in the performing arts, hanging out with their dog and partner, and singing karaoke.  

Poetry, Jude Armstrong

Jude Armstrong

is a young poet and author of AN ALIVE BOY (Bottlecap Press, 2023). He is also the founding editor of Verum Literary Press and has been published in Anti-Heroin Chic, God’s Cruel Joke, Bullshit Lit, and more. When not directing school theater productions, he enjoys 80s music, a good film, and advocating for trans rights.  

Robert Molloy

(he/him, they/them) is a queer, trans-masculine, autistic poet working in sports media. Robert’s goals are to heal from recent top surgery, and tell his friends he loves them more.

Poet, Barbara Marie Mine

​Barbara Marie Minney

is a transsexual woman, award-winning poet, teaching artist, and quiet activist. She has been extensively published. Barbara is the author of If There’s No Heaven, the Poetic Memoir Chapbook Challenge, and Dance Naked With God. Barbara lives in Tallmadge, Ohio. Follow Barbara online at


Sam Allen

is an award-winning author. They strive for a world where everyone belongs. Their rambunctious cat Scout, true to form, keeps them very busy.  

Emily Chabra

likes mangos, fairy tales, and heterodoxy. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her wife, Morgann and their three cats. 


​Ryn Williams

is a poet based in a tiny town in central Florida. She has a bachelor’s in English from Saint Leo University. In her free time, she explores museums and plays piano for hours.


Poet, Anastasia Jill

​Anastasia Jill

(they/them) is a queer writer living in Central Florida. They have been nominated for Best American Short Stories, The Pushcart Prize, and several other honors. Their work has been featured or is upcoming with, Sundog Lit, Flash Fiction Online, Contemporary Verse 2, Broken Pencil, and more.


Poet Theo Andres

Theo Andres

is a college student and history major who seems to always be saying words in some capacity. They’re most notably a punk, tumblr user, Chicago enthusiast, and professional botherer of English teachers.

Poet, Shibashish Barik

Shibashish Barik

is a writer based in Assam, looking for his first break in the literary world.  

Poet, Kimberly Rosa

​Kimberly Rosa

(they/them) is a writer who explores the movement of mind and memory.


Poet, Claudia Ghaderpoor

Claudia Ghaderpoor

is a literature student at Bicol University, born and raised on a diet of Andersen and The Brothers Grimm. She is fascinated by folklore—a subject that features prominently in their works. Their poems have appeared at Loud Paintings and The Graveyard Zine.

Poet, Dorian Hayes

Dorian Hayes

is a 19 year-old student, poet, and professional queer. His work has been previously showcased by Seattle Arts and Lectures and Sunday Mornings at the River. You can probably find him on a bus somewhere, talking about movies to anyone who will listen.  

Poet Luna Yin

Luna Yin

(she/they) is a 16-year-old writer caught between cultures and questions. When they aren’t escaping into words and stories, they spend their time at the piano. 


Michael Lu

is a rising high-school senior and an aspiring writer whose interest lies in science fiction. Favorite book is Foundation by Isaac Asimov.  

Jace Wilson

is a 16-year-old queer creative and student located in New Mexico. They enjoy writing, painting, and creating theater props.  






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