Gabriel Noel was previously featured in new words’ issue one! 

Poet, Grabriel Noel

Well, Whatever You Are!

I am a little nightmare to you,
        I think.
I am a promise that whatever bile you have down your throat
will come back up to sear your tongue red & raw. 

        I am a sign from god. Bright & flashing.
        Do not enter. 

I am a ritual in the same way falling asleep is going home.
I am Man & I am not.                I am horned, can’t you see my halo? 

I am hungry & you are prey.
I am starved of tenderness & look at your flesh! 
        ‘O tortured soul I am your grace. 

I am the way home when you forget your own name.
        I am the ocean as long as the shore is rage.

I am sending out the crows. 

                                “Excuse me, miss-”
                                “Oh, I’m a man.”
                                “Well, whatever you are…” 

        I am a sign from god.  
        Start running.