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issue three contributors

Thank you to all our amazing contributors. This is unique collection of work that highlights the contributions of trans* poets to the world of poetics- ever pushing forward. Support these trans writers and nw{p}. Follow them and buy a copy of issue three. 

Caitie Young

(they/them) is a poet and writer from Kent, Ohio. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Atlanta Review, The Sonora Review, The Minnesota Review, Scapegoat, Passengers Journal, Vallum, Foothill, and elsewhere. They currently teach creative writing workshops with the Wick Poetry Center.


Rumi Petersen

is a trans poet whose hobbies include archery, improv, and (apparently) injuring knees and needing surgeries. Find Rumi on instagram @rumipetersen.  

Blake Mihm

(they/he) is a nonbinary trans man. He lives in suburban Maryland with his two dogs, but his heart thrives in every bog he’s sunk his feet into. Their work has been featured in Backwards Trajectory and will be appearing in Lilac Peril and Wee Sparrow Press.  

Isabel Grey

is a Creative Writing MFA student at Western Colorado University. Her poem “This Act Shall Take Effect” was nominated for the 2024 Pushcart Prize. Her short story, “Red Door House” won the 2023 WordCrafter Press Fiction Contest.


Cari Moll

is a poet and MFA candidate at UNH. They published a chapbook titled Late Night Train Lights in 2018 with Ibbetson Street Press, and have since featured work with publications such as Cardinal Sins Journal and Awakened Voices. They currently serve as editor in chief for Barnstorm Journal.

Kyle Scott

is a queer poet living in Eastern Pennsylvania. He draws inspiration from nature and psychology using one to describe the other.

Robin Gow

(it/fae/he & él y elle) is a trans poet and witch from rural Pennsylvania. Fae works as a community educator, calling folks into discussions around queer and disability justice.

Justin Demeter

(he/him) is an Oakland, CA‐based, queer insomniac and jaded romantic who works in mental health book publishing. In his spare time he creates art-things inspired by grief, nature, the multitudes of gender, and the occasional mythical creature.  

Miles Cruger

(they/them) is bored by it. Unless it’s like, really quite sincere or about trans joy. Miles writes out of Tacoma and feels at home in the West, especially under the cottonwood trees.

Anastasia Walker - Poet

Anastasia Walker

is a poet, essayist, and scholar living in Pittsburgh. Her first book of poetry, The Girl Who Wasn’t and Is, appeared in 2022. She’s a passionate amateur photographer and musicologist, and a lover of long walks and swimming in the ocean.

Micah Scheff

(he/they) is a queer, Californian poet. He has been published in two journals: Beyond Queer Words and Basilinda.

Finn Rose

(he/him) is the pen name of a 26-year-old autistic transgender poet from northern Germany. He loves all things metaphors, artful repetition & likes to write as vaguely as possible yet as precisely as necessary. Above all, he wants to tell stories. And pet every cat in the world.

Harrison Blake - Poet

Harrison Blake

(They/Them) is a Dallas-based art professional and writer. In 2022, they received a BA in Art History from the University of Texas at Dallas. They were awarded the 2023 Glasstire North Texas Art Writing Prize for their selected work of art criticism.  

griffin epstein - poet

griffin epstein

is a non-binary white settler educator and researcher in Toronto (Dish with One Spoon). They are the author of the chapbook so we may be fed and their poetry has appeared in CV2, Grain, and Plenitude. They believe in harm reduction, disability justice, and liberation. Say hi:

Andie Woodard poet

Andie Woodard

(they/she) is a queer writer and activist. They received their MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University, and their chapbook poetry collection, TRAILER TRASH, is available through Bottlecap Press. You can read more of their work at

Dante Emile - poet

Dante Émile 

(he/they) is a gay transmasculine Mexican writer currently trying to fulfill their life-long dream of moving to Paris. His first chapbook, Misplaced Organs & Various Saints, will be published this year with Querencia Press.


river poet


(they/them) daily life is slipstream. Everything is a little bit off, and yet thrummingly normal. They love their kids. They live in the US. They’ve been published in just femme & dandy and Olit. Send jellybeans. (Do not send jellybeans.)

Lee Martinez Soto - poet

Lee Martínez Soto

is a published queer Mexican poet and translator. Their work centers on the complex tapestry of mental health, generational trauma, and the intrinsic relationship these elements share with our identities—specifically focusing on gender, dysphoria, and the transfronterize experience.


Mary Olivanti-Duerksen.- poet

Mary Olivanti-Duerksen

is a nonbinary performance poet and photographer. Their work centers on queering language and on highlighting injustice in genderqueer, indigenous and refugee communities. They hold the MFA of the Americas in Poetry in the Expanded Field from Stetson University. Olivanti-Duerksen has performed in the USA, Brazil and Argetina.

Rivka Clifton - poet

Rivka Clifton

(she/her) is the author of Muzzle (JackLeg Press) and the chapbooks MOT, Agape (from Osmanthus Press). She has work in: Pleiades, Guernica, Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, and other magazines.

Risha Nicole - poet

Risha Nicole

is a poet, author, teaching artist, and childcare worker from Sandusky, Ohio. Risha’s poetry is inspired by their Pentecostal upbringing, life adversities, nature, mental health, and sexual assault awareness. In this submission Risha explores coming of age; religion, sexual abuse, and their queer identity.

t love smith - poet

t love smith

(they/them/their) is a queer, Irish/French Canadian poet currently interning at Maine Writers and Publishers Association and studying transgender ecologies and poetics as a UROP fellow at the University of Southern Maine. they were a Martin Dibner Fellow for the MWPA at the 2023 Harvest Writers Retreat.  

Samuel Clark - poet

Samuel Clark

holds an MFA in fiction from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. His work has been published in literary magazines such as BOOTH, Blood Orange Review, Artemis Journal, Shenandoah, and the anthology Transmasculine Poetics: Filling the Gaps in Literature & the Silences Around Us. He lives in Colorado.


Tyler Friend - poet

T. Friend

was grown—and is still growing—in Tennessee, much to everyone’s chagrin. They are the author of Him or Her or Whatever (Alternating Current Press, 2022) and Like a Fruitfly in Wine (Querencia Press, forthcoming).


Nayt Rundquist - poet

Nayt Rundquist

(they/them) is a writer, editor, anthologist, and professor. Their odd scribblings are found in Inverted Syntax, Digging Through the Fat, Scavengers Lit Mag, and anthologized at Querencia Press and in Unbound: Composing Home. They live outside space and time with their artist-jeweler wife and their fifth-dimensional dogs.


Claire Collins - Poet

Claire Collins

is a queer poet, teaching artist and co-founder of Poetic Justice, a program that teaches poetry to incarcerated people. They have been published in This Land Press, Emerge Magazine. They are of Mohawk, French, and Dutch descent. They are working to reconnect with Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) Language & literacies.

Andy Parker poet

Andy Parker ‮

(he/they) is a transmaculine & queer writer of poetry and prose, based in northern Colorado. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gasher Journal, the Greyrock Review, and elsewhere. You can find him at @_andy.parker_ on Instagram or anywhere that serves a good chai.

Jude FireSong - Poet

Jude FireSong

– aka Fabulous Phoenix Boy – is a half-Polish, Italo-Brit, Scottish-by-inclination performance poet, speculative fiction writer, and visual artist. He is a (gender)-queer, gender-non-conforming, neurodivergent, mentally ill, disabled survivor who makes art to better understand himself, the world around him, and his place within it.

Elle Jay Snyder - Poet

Elle Jay Snyder

is a spooky queen with a penchant for eating stromboli and lusting after the wrong men.


K Angel - Poet

K. Angel

(they/them) has words published or forthcoming with the Tin House Open Bar, PANK, Messy Misfits Club, manywor(l)ds, and elsewhere. They live in London, where they co-host the playwriting community Pages & Pints and sometimes perform as the singing country drag king TrucK.  

Hamsa Fae - Poet

Hamsa Fae

(she/they) is a Vietnamese-French  poet, and performance artist who is native to Los Angeles. She comes from a rich lineage of mystics, and has integrated such identities into her work. Hamsa’s artistic practice uses memory as medium for contemplating the Asian American diaspora, ecological reverence, and trans-ness.


Dante Hookey

(they/he) is an intersex Autistic transmasc author-illustrator based in Texas. His personal work explores philosophy and image/text relationship while his academic work is focused on alternative modes of communication within neurodivergent communities. Outside of these Dante illustrates kids’ books and reads a bunch of non-fiction.


Chriss Locker - Poet

Chriss Locker

nonbinary neurodivergent poet living in northern idaho with their spouse, cat, dog, and too many unused college degrees. healthcare professional by day. daydreamer by night.


Alexandria Piette - Poet

Alexandria Piette

(she/her/they/them) is a resident of her birthplace, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is the indie author of The Blazing Heart of a Moonlight Arsonist. They enjoy literature and poetry, viewing the numerous seasons of Supernatural on repeat, and caring for their hellion cats, Rue and Winston.

Harper Walton - Poet

Harper Walton

is a PhD English student from Bath. Their poetry, fiction and theory is published by Oestrogeneration, Carrion Press, 1883 Magazine and more. In 2023, they achieved third place in the Brick Lane Bookshop short story prize and won the Young Poets Network’s Self Portrait Challenge.

Caroline "Caro" Crawford - Poet

Caro Crawford

(they/them) is a multimedia artist and writer living in Brooklyn after chapters in Northeast Ohio, Tennessee, and London. They earned a BA in English and Psychology from Vanderbilt University, where their work was published in The Vanderbilt Review.


Grey Davidson Carroll - Poet

Gray Davidson Carroll

is a transfemme writer, dancer, educator, and (self-proclaimed) hot chocolate connoisseur hailing from Philadelphia. They are the author of the poetry chapbook Waterfall of Thanks (Bottlecap Press, 2023), and their work has further appeared or is forthcoming in The Common, Sage Publications and Frontiers in Medicine.

Liam Strong - Poet

Liam Strong

(they/them) is a queer neurodivergent straight-edge punk writer who earned their B.A. in writing from University of Wisconsin-Superior. They’re the author of the chapbook Everyone’s Left the Hometown Show (

Fern Roush - Poet

Fern Roush

(they/them+she/her) writes and teaches experimental poetry*. They have tutored, mc’d readings, and made many zines. Their work has appeared in the Cultivating Voices Pride Poetry March, Olympia Zine Fest, Slightly West, The Cooper Point Journal, and Mobile Moon Co-op’s Zine.  *hint: it’s all poetry.


Zyra West

is a rising high-school .  






young poets


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