trans* and gender-expansive poets & writers need more platforms. with the current state of this country as a grade A dumpster fire, visibility is needed more than ever.


new, fresh work needs more visibility. the old notions of how poetry is “supposed” to be done is stifling. while we want and enjoy free verse, form poetry, and more traditional forms, we also want to see how queerness is influencing process, diction, syntax, and craft.


we launched because it’s important to build community. publishing is great, but connections and support are even better. from workshops to readings and writing groups, we pull one another up. as we move along and grow, we’ll be looking for new opportunities like collaborative work or in-person retreats. 

The mission of new words {press} is to elevate emerging and established trans* and gender-expansive poetic voices, to build community, and share knowledge.

new words {press} publishes 3 journal issues per year (Spring, Summer, & Fall), chapbooks, & a sibling issue of young poets. we’re interested in authenticity & intimacy. we want work that takes risks & erases boundaries in form, content, diction, and process. while there is a review process for submissions, we are not afraid of work that would likely be rejected by mainstream cis journals. so send us your poetry, your experiments, & your hybrid work! we can’t wait to read it.

brooklyn baggett – founder

new words {press} was founded in feb 2023 by brooklyn baggett, a trans poet & artist in New York. after continued frustration with the lack of trans* literary publishing opportunities, she decided to use her privilege, background, & experience as a form of activism.

brooklyn has a long history of literary journal experience & received her MFA from Goddard College. she worked in digital marketing and technology for over 20 years. she’s a poet who’s a trans woman with some financial means. this combination resulted in the creation of a trans*-centric poetry press. besides offering a high quality publishing platform, brooklyn wanted to ingrain queer values & experience into the actual press itself, moving beyond a one-dimensional form of activism and demonstrating identifiable incorporation of spectrum in everyday workings.   


founder & managing editor

new words {press} is:

  • anti-capitalist in structure & mission. we have no interest in profits, though we recognize that money is needed for the press to survive & grow. the goal is to rely on readership, sales, internal events, donations, & grants.
  • breaking down gatekeeping for our community, which is overwhelming underserved and discriminated against, including a high unemployment/underemployment rate. so, no fees to submit ever. no big contest fees. support should be sought out elsewhere whenever possible. poets shouldn’t have to pay to have their hard work published or pay to have other’s work published.
  • being approachable and open. we consider our submitters, contributors, volunteers, and supporters family. nothing less.
  • championing the impact that queer/trans* poets’ contributions are having on the evolvement of poetics, language, process, & creativity. this also means openness to experimental work that draws from other genres and mediums. a trans* and gender-expansive journal must make room for the expression of our experiences and represent the spectral beauty that is gender nonconformity.
  • intersectional
  • Trans Rights are Human Rights, Black Lives Matter, FreePalestine, Pro Sex Worker, Sex Positive, Body Positive, Anti-Ableism

                     and when we come
you will see us in the distance
dancing Voodoo dolls 
constructed of your ideals
your scraps
we’ll stick ourselves
twist ourselves
fuck & love ourselves &
we will make new forms
new words

– brooklyn baggett, from this is the revolutionary costume – Edie Bouvier Beale, The Grey Gardens

in addition to developing a kickass trans* journal featuring innovative, moving work, new words {press} is a book press dedicated to queer voices & daring work. we want to make a racket & burn the envelope.  future projects also include readings, writing groups, grassroots fundraisers, collaborations,  & more. 



Thanks to our Partners