Dante Émile (he/they) is a gay transmasculine Mexican writer currently trying to fulfill their life-long dream of moving to Paris.

Dante Emile - poet

Little International Waltz
(After Federico García Lorca)

I’ll dance with you in Vienna
& anywhere else, if we’re being honest.
Cold floor, socked feet, pot boiling.
Etta James hopefully singing
           at last, at last.
Because I love you three times over
I play the same song again.
Because I love you
– mi amor, corazón, vida mía –
I read the same book again.
Riverhead disguise &
hyacinth on my shoulder,
I will hold your hair
in my broken hands.
I will kiss the life
that seeps out of you at night.
I will read the notes
handwritten on your back.
Let me lay my lips to rest
between the bruises on your thighs.
Let me,
grave & violin, lead this waltz.