Workshop from Barbara Marie Minney

Join Barbara Marie Minney for a nw{p} + SCRiB LAB Workshop

Don’t miss out on working with Barbara, Award winning poet, is the author of If There’s No Heaven, the Poetic Memoir Chapbook Challenge, and Dance Naked With God. The workshop is only $24, and if you’re not able to pay at this time, we have scholarships available! 

Barbara has also been a guest editor for our chapbook call and issue three and a contributor to new words issue oneHurry up and sign up. Let’s support Barbara so we can keep offering these opportunities!

Class Description:
Access to the subconscious is indirect, and writers often seek techniques that help make this elusive part of every person more accessible.

In this generative and interactive workshop, tailored free writing will be used to enable your to turn your dreams, visions, daydreams, or even the terrifying spectacles our brains force upon us, into poetry.
You’ll be encouraged to share your work and interact with each other.
This is a no critique/no criticism workshop. The purpose is to give you additional tools to stash in your toolbox and to encourage and support you no matter where you are on your writing journey.

SCRiB LAB was founded by Miriam BC Tobin as a space for writers to gather and share ideas. Their mission is to eliminate the barriers for writers to experiment in their work and connect with their community by creating open, honest, brave, playful spaces– a community for anyone who calls themself a writer! 

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