new words {press} + SCRiB LAB

workshop opportunities for trans* & gender-expansive writers

BIG NEWS! new words {press} is partnering with SCRiB LAB to offer idea sharing, workshops, and community to trans* and gender-expansive writers!

SCRiB LAB was founded by Miriam BC Tobin as a space for writers to gather and share ideas. Their mission is to eliminate the barriers for writers to experiment in their work and connect with their community by creating open, honest, brave, playful spaces– a community for anyone who calls themself a writer! 

Through nw{p}’s shared values with SCRiB LAB, we are moving forward with our goal of offering community for trans* and gender-expansive writers, rather than publishing opportunities only. As is already the case with SCRiB LAB, our workshop costs will be low, and we are currently considering ways to create no-cost options to those who can’t afford it.

We’re truly grateful for Miriam and our new partnership with SCRiB LAB.

Stay tuned. Announcement of our first workshop is coming soon!

Follow SCRiB LAB to keep up with all the wonderful opportunities they’re offering. @scrib.lab