Sex Doll

Move me and I will die—
like moonlight I am silver
lined and unfolding.

Promise me a tenured orbit
and I will never leave you.

You—salt pillar and sea water,
stitching and leather-bound log
begging to be thrown on the fire;

Me—void and starlight, 
swirling in the galactic core
begging to become a nova.

When we come together,
the bees won’t know what to do
with my cosmic radiation. The birds
will lose true north. They’ve never

seen a doll writhe like me; open
as I open; beg as I beg. I am
a marvel of engineering, perfect

and fuckable in every way imaginable. What
more could a guy want? I say again:
what more could a guy want?

Matthew Fash is an Illinois native. They are currently an MFA student at UIUC. They’ve had work appear in Doubleback Review, Raw Art Review, and Allusions, among others.