freak of nature

a thousand pieces curling at the edges
crudely stitched                   back together
frankenstein’s faggot          wet dream

                                 to monsterfuckers

               flesh failure           exquisite corpse
cutis mea                mea culpa

                                 edible arrangement
                                 oedipal arrangement for
pretty bois with
mommy issues      sexual cannibalism
                                 dulcet                        dolcett

               nursing for no one
               still sucked empty

chewed up heifer
spit the fat out dry
                                  meat market paramour
womb or wound                    black clots spiderwebbing

lesions lining the throat
the heart                 the cunt

unraveled entrails spilling bile and blood
internal wreckage                 weeping intestines

a million memories of terror                  cringe
flayed by their small hands     tearing fringe           

                baby rip me apart

Carina Stopenski (they/them) is a writer, teacher, and librarian based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Their work is forthcoming from or has been featured in Papeachu Review, God’s Cruel Joke, Gigantic Sequins, and Femme Dyke Zine, among others. You can follow their work at