Monstrous Cartography by Robin Gow

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One of new words {press}'s two selected authors as part of our first chapbook call!

Through conjuring sea monsters and holding somatic rituals, MONSTROUS CARTOGRAPHY charts and recharts the distances between self, gender, and the words we use to make ourselves legible. These poems speak simultaneously through the bodies of creatures culled from 16th and 17th-century maps and moments of present queer life. Speakers ask, answer, and ask again, how and if we can map our queer complexities.

Robin Gow (it/fae/he & él y elle) is a trans poet and witch from rural Pennsylvania. He is the author of several poetry collections, an essay collection, and Middle-Grade and YA novels. Faer novels include Ode to My First Car, A Million Quiet Revolutions, and Dear Mothman. Fae works as a community educator, calling folks into discussions around queer and disability justice. It lives with its partner Rain and their menagerie of animals.

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