workshop: the tactile- touch your writing

our first workshop with SCRiB LAB

The Tactile: Touch Your Writing
March 19th 4-6PM PST
only $24, financial assistance available if needed.
MUST Sign Up by March 12th! Link in Bio

Course Description: 
Is poetry words only? Or is it a concept, an experience, a conduit? Why should poetry limit itself to one medium when its essence is so liminal? Some stories need more than words; some poems yearn to be something else. So, why should poetry limit itself to one medium when its essence is liminal? In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to weave richer stories & dimensional layers, not always achievable with words alone, by using our hands and physical materials. We’ll ignite our minds and hearts in a new way. There will be no use digital elements in any part of this class, but you may get a cute package in the mail.

I’ve taught this workshop before and people have always loved it. 

Participant Quotes:
“The out-of-the-world utilization of meaningful objects that are nontechnological to bring out a blend of intricate and primitive storytelling.”

“Honestly, life changing.”

“Original concepts, accessible instructor, well rounded groups of individuals”

“It’s difficult to answer this question when i loved everything about it- but if I had to single something out, it was the lecture in second class to progressive ‘doing your own work with your own artifacts’ segment. I learned more about what we were doing/attmepting in that hour than i have in a long time.”